• Academy of Rock is the pioneer and only music school in Singapore dedicated to teaching rock and popular music. They are also an official examination centre for Rockschool in Singapore and was a recipient of the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2012 amongst other accolades.

    Having achieved success in Singapore, Academy of Rock was ready to expand their outreach into the regional markets. We collaborated with Academy of Rock to develop a comprehensive set of franchise manuals and also designed an engaging Franchise Marketing Kit for them to attract potential franchisees.

    Subsequently, Academy of Rock managed to start a master franchise in the Philippines and operations in Malaysia.

  • Berries World of Learning believes in experiential fun for children mastering the Chinese Language. Berries uses a MOE-approved proprietary syllabus that compliments and enhances Chinese curriculum.

    Being a recipient in the FLA Awards 2005, Berries is also a winner in the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2008 and engaged us to assist them in the submission of both these awards. We worked closely with Berries’ key management to establish the key strengths of their business, as well as addressed and designed their offerings according to the award submission criteria.

  • Since their inception in 1977, C&R Interiors has been trading and manufacturing office furniture and fittings for industrial, commercial and residential users. As the market for office interiors matured, they saw the need to expand their scope of offerings to include renovation work such as carpeting and covering.

    Our branding methodology was adopted and implemented into their brand processes, aimed at raising C&R’s brand awareness, especially in the targeted overseas market such as Thailand and major cities in China. Having business expansion plans in mind, C&R Interiors acknowledged the importance of auditing their brand position, establishing a long-term platform, diversifying their services and extending their presences into new overseas market.

  • Dynasty Travel is one of Singapore’s leading travel agencies established since 1978. In assisting in the participation of the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards (SPBA) 2012, we strategized and advised them on articulating and positioning their brand elements. We also designed the submission beyond the basic requirements. Through our proven methodology, Dynasty Travel was a winner for the Heritage Brand Award Category.

  • Galmon is the market leader in providing Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) and has been involved in numerous iconic Singapore projects such as the Esplanade Theatres and Universal Studios Singapore, among others.

    As the industry become more sophisticated and competitive, Galmon saw the need to bring their brand to greater heights. We assisted them to attain the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2011 as part of their 30 year anniversary target. We worked closely with them to analyse the various aspects of their business offerings, leading to a firmer and more lucid presentation of their brand initiatives and capabilities.

  • Gavio is a fast growing company in the consumer lifestyle products industry, taking originality and innovation as their priority in producing an extensive range of high quality consumer goods.

    Gavio recognised that winning the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards was crucial to elevate their position in this competitive market. We worked closely with their team during the preparation phase to accentuate their Brand Concept, Brand Development and Management, Brand Positioning and Brand Performance. After gaining a clear understanding of their business and branding concept, we were able to identify all the key elements that would extensively demonstrate their strength and capabilities.  Gavio is a recipient of this Award in 2012, voted the Most Popular Brand in the Promising Brand catergory.

  • Infectious Disease Specialists began operations at Gleneagles Medical Centre in 1999 before expanding to Mount Elizabeth Centre in 2000 and Novena Medical Centre in 2012 They are renowned in caring for patients with complicated medical problems that include severe sepsis, multi-organ failure related to sepsis and infections in patients with cancer, transplants and HIV.

    With plans to expand into overseas markets, the clinic faced the challenge of strengthening their brand identity and raising public brand awareness. We conducted surveys to gain insight on their patients’s perception of Infectious Disease Specialists. A comprehensive corporate brand strategy was formulated and successfully implemented for the Company.

  • Mulligan’s is a homegrown Irish pub and restaurant concept under LifeBrandz Ltd. The good value Irish food and beverages, Mulligan’s Irish Bar Music are the unique selling point of the business.

    In 2010, Mulligan’s appointed us to build a robust and scalable franchise business model. These include helping them to build their franchise operating system and agreements so that they are able to engage potential franchisees.

    Having completed the project, Mulligan’s opened their first franchise in Bangkok, Thailand, in December 2011. They have also expanded to Pattaya, Thailand. To date, they have a total of 3 outlets.

  • Nanyang Old Coffee embarked on a Service Excellence – Customer Centric Initiative programme in 2014. We assisted them in establishing rigorous Service Policy and Procedures, implementing new service-related initiatives, and setting-up service audit and monitoring systems.

    We also conducted training sessions for every Outlet Manager to ensure that all the new policies and procedures are well practiced, as well as to instill a culture of leadership to every outlet. By the end of our engagement, we saw a tangible improvement in terms of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and mystery audit scores.

  • Poli Medical specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine and health food supplements. A custom formulator and contract manufacturer of private label health and food supplements, the Company has built up a large clientele over the years.

    In maintaining strong relationships with existing working partners and clientele while building new ones with other strategic partners. We supported their new business developments in terms of branding strategies. Poli Medical continues to provide quality products and services to all business stakeholders, backed by a stronger brand identity which allow the Company to gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

  • Star Learners started out with 1 centre in 2003 and grew to 11 centres by 2014. This is made possible with the established brand platform. Their Learning Outcomes are designed based on the Ministry of Education’s framework which helps ensure that they understand each and every child’s progress in his/her developmental journey.

    We supported their new business developments in terms of strategies, and recognised the immense potential in their brand. We  assisted Star Learners in its development of branding strategies and capabilities, anchoring on the foundation in Singapore to reproduce this proven concept.

  • Inaugurated in 1960s as an insurance agency, Tan Insurance Brokers is a licensed general insurance broker authorised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has been at the forefront in providing insurance advice to both individuals and corporations.

    We assisted TIB to establish their brand identity as a leading insurance broker through integrating the organisation’s culture into both the internal and external communications for TIB to enhance their corporate brand image. TIB was able to leverage on their enhanced brand image and extend their outreach to a wider scope of industries and larger group of individuals.

  • XpressFlower.com provides 24 hour flower delivery services in Singapore. They are the only florist in Singapore to offer a wide variety of third-party cakes and desserts, value-adding through providing complementary services, customization and short delivery times.

    Understanding the need to differentiate themselves from others, XpressFlower.com decided to develop their branding and franchising capabilities. We supported them to develop a scalable franchise system that serves as a basis for their business model, drawing up franchise agreements and other franchise-related matters.

    Since then, 3 franchise outlets were successfully established. PurpleClay continues to work closely with them to enhance their franchise systems for overseas markets of Philippines, China and Indonesia.